How to Buy a Franklin Home

Your Journey to a Franklin Home

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying and Beyond

So you’ve done all of your research and decided that your next home is going to be a Franklin Custom Built Home, but what is the next step? In this short guide, we are going to step through the buying process and will even take things a step further and explain what you should expect after your purchase is completed. Our team at Franklin Homes wants to make your new home purchase the most exciting purchase you have ever made. We strive to make the process easy to understand and well-communicated in the beginning so that you aren’t left wondering what’s next.


Visit a Retail Center

The first step in building your new Franklin Home is to visit a retail center near where you live. We have retail centers throughout the Southeast that can help you with your purchase, Click here to find a retailer in your area. When you locate a retail center we recommend calling and making an appointment to tour the models that they have on their lot. Keep in mind that our retailers aren’t able to carry every model that we offer on their lot, but they can order any floor plan we offer or even help you customize a floor plan and build your dream home! During your visit make sure to look at our samples and start deciding what colors and decor you will be selecting in your new home. If you don’t already have financing for your new home this would also be a good time to get started on that since all of our retailers are able to help you with your financing.

Interior photo of a manufactured home kitchen countertops
Interior photo of a manufactured home living room


Finalize Your Financing

Now that you have your home picked out it is time to get the financing finished up. Your salesperson and the financing company have likely been working with you to get your approval finished and all conditions of the loan met so that your home can be placed on order. You will be provided a final spec sheet and floor plan to sign off on before your home is ordered to ensure your home has all the options and floor plan adjustments you requested. Keep in mind making changes AFTER your home has been ordered may not be possible. Once your financing is finalized you will close on your loan with the retailer and the finance company.


Home Building Process

Now that your order has been placed the team at Franklin Homes will order the custom materials that will be used in your home and your home will begin to make its way through our production facility one station at a time. The first week in production is when all of the structural components of your home will be constructed and put together. This means at the end of the first week your home will have floors and walls built and assembled, the roof and all insulation will be installed and closed up with our TallWall exterior wall sheathing and TechShield roof decking, and the shingles and exterior siding will be installed. All of these items are completed and your home is “Blacked In” before it moves out of our main production facility. In the second week in production, your home will visit our first finishing building, it is here that all of your cabinetry, moldings, flooring, plumbing, electrical fixtures, and any trim work will be installed and completed. In week three, your home will be making its way through our Final Finish building where all of your appliances will be installed, and your home will be prepared for shipping to your retailer.

Interior photo of a manufactured home living room
Exterior photo of a manufactured home on a lot


Land Prep & Installation

While your home is in our production facility your retailer will be getting your home site ready for the home to be installed. The retailer will begin any land improvement work on your home site and start prepping for your foundation to be built. Your new home’s foundation will be built to the specifications that you selected when ordering your home. Once all the site work is complete and your home has been delivered the retailer will have your home installed by a licensed installation crew.


Factory Trim Out & Moving In

After your home is installed on your home site and has water and electricity connected, your retailer will send in a request for our factory crew to come out and finish your home. During this process, our crew will complete the interior and exterior of your home by finishing the sheetrock and molding at any marriage line openings and laying any hand-laid flooring that could not be installed at the factory. They will also work closely with you to address any cosmetic items that you would like repaired while they are there. When they have completed the work they will then conduct a final walk-through with you explaining all of the items they worked on and verifying that nothing was overlooked. At this point, your home will be ready for you and your family to move into and enjoy. From the Team at Franklin Homes, we hope you enjoy your new home for many years to come!

Interior photo of a manufactured home living bedroom