Frequently Asked Questions


Read your Homeowner’s Manual and component booklets carefully. They contain important, helpful information about your new home, its components and the care and maintenance your home requires.

Where do I find the TV and telephone hookup connections?

The phone connection tie in can be found on the back door side of the home approximately 20 feet toward the middle of the home along the back wall. There should be a sticker along the bottom edge of the home designating the connection is underneath and along a floor joist about 1 foot inside the bottom board covering.

All TV connections are straight drops through the bottom board from each jack. There will be no splitters or junction boxes.

My outdoor plugs are not working. How do I reset them?

Your outside plugs are rated for 15 amps. Skill saws, electric weed eaters or anything that pulls more than 15 amps will trip the exterior plugs. The exterior receptacles are powered off by a master GFI receptacle inside the home, usually located on an outer wall closest to where the outside receptacle is. There are no mastered GFI plugs in a bath or kitchen.

Why do my recessed lights keep flickering and going off by themselves?

In most instances the cause is as simple as having the wrong type bulb in the fixture. These light fixtures have a heat sensor that will turn the light off if the can light overheats. They are rated for a 40 amp bulb that resembles a floodlight bulb but with a coating on the outside so that the heat from the bulb is directed down and out of the can. Be sure you are using the correct type and size bulb in your recessed lights.

Why does my microwave vent hood come on by itself when I am cooking?

Some of the newer built in microwave/vent hoods have a humidity sensor. When it senses the heat and/or humidity has reached a certain point the fan will turn on automatically.

I am not getting any water to my dishwasher/icemaker. What should I do?

Make certain the cut off valves have been opened all the way. Turn the appliance on as well as all of the faucets in your home to bleed all the air out of the plumbing lines. Franklin homes are quality inspected to hold a required pressure of air for a certain amount of time. There is air that will remain in the lines. It will have to be bled out before the water will come in the lines. This is normal and nothing to worry about.

The water to my tub/shower is not getting hot, but it is everywhere else. Why?

Don’t rush to turn up your water heater. Franklin homes have anti-scald devices installed on all tubs and showers.

  • On the master bathroom tub, there is a mixing valve that regulates the temperature. Under the home beneath the tub is a zipped access panel. Unzip the panel and you will see the tub’s plumbing. There will be a copper mixing valve going to the faucets. There is a knob on the mixing valve that allows you to adjust the temperature.
  • On the showers and one piece tub/showers, the anti-scald is built into the faucet. The instructions for those faucets are contained in your homeowner warranty package in your kitchen drawer.

Why does my bathroom vent fan come on by itself?

Some models of the Broan vent fan have a humidity sensor that will turn the fans on automatically until the moisture has decreased.

What is the Data Plate and where is it located?

The data plate contains the serial number, the date your home was manufactured, and other information about your home that you may need when you call your retailer, manufacturer, lender, 2/10 warranty service, or insurance agent. The data plate may be located in one of two places. On a modular home the data plate is affixed to the outside of the electrical panel box. If your home is a HUD home, it will be inside one of the cabinet doors beneath the kitchen sink.